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I've been married almost 38 years. He is my best friend. And I am also blessed with a son and a grandson. We live in the country in a small town in PA. We love animals. We have 2 dogs, and 2 kittens. ~ Our lives had been pretty good. We were happy. ~ Our son is a recovering addict and alcoholic. He is under house arrest. He lives with us for this time period. He has been through all the treatments and is doing well right now. So, I pray. ~~ So, I don't even know how I came to find Chanda Lynn for sure. But, I have quickly become a true fan of her writing and her music. I love that she and her mom are helping others find the help that they are reaching for. It is so hard to find open beds, and treatment centers. So, I pray. ~~ I love many types of, rock, soft rock, some pop, some blues, very little rap...I'm truly an old soul at heart...the grand ole opry beginners. I do believe that music can heal the soul. But, only God can save us. I love God. He is my rock and He is my Saviour, and He has a place waiting for each of us.... Just believe and trust in His word. , a mom.



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