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We love you Chanda! You are such an inspiration and I am so blessed to be a part of your journey to watch you grow and to see what God does in your life! I have been sober off meth since 7-27-2016 Sober from Marijuana since 08-2020 I regained my motherhood, by getting sober and custody of my now 14 year old back in May 2017, my 2nd, August was born on 3-13-17 and my 3rd was born 7-25-2018. I have my 10 year old Step-daughter still, every other weekend, her mom and I get along great!, even though her dad and I are getting a divorce due to him choosing meth and friends over our marriage and our family :( I found out that he was lying to me for 2 years + about using meth. We got DHS involved, we are still involved with DHS, and our 3rd court hearing is coming up the 18th of this month. I tried to give him opportunities to change his ways, I tried to help him. It was making me crazy, unhappy and it was toxic for my children & I. My kids are my world 🌎 and I chose them! Glory be to God!!

BlessedSoberMamaof3+1 ❤

BlessedSoberMamaof3+1 ❤

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