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   Growing up as an honor-roll student athlete set to graduate early with an advanced diploma, Chanda Lynn’s life seemed bound for success. “I had dreams of becoming a writer, an artist, a counselor, and maybe even one day a public speaker. I never knew that was exactly what I’d become... but for a much different reason.”

   In 2017, after years of struggling with mental health and drug addiction, Chanda — who’d been a writer since she was 7 — posted a poem inspired by her battles on Facebook. Writing was the only way she knew to express her emotions, to connect with her present reality. She had no idea the post would go viral, garnering upwards of 11 million views.


   Over the course of the next few years, Chanda began putting her poems to music she found on YouTube, amassing millions more views along the way. “Writing poetry with a beat” was a natural progression, but it was when she became serious about learning the art of songwriting that she truly found her unique artistic voice of power and perspective she’s known for today.


   In a totally unexpected way, Chanda Lynn’s early dreams of being a communicator did come true — just not the way she thought. The fight has never been easy, but through her struggles with addiction, anxiety, and depression, Chanda’s mission has never been clearer: To create real, relatable music for the unheard and unseen. To represent real-world problems and provide hope for those who feel forgotten or misunderstood.

Chanda is currently working to release her debut album.

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